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Marketing Degree Guide: Marketing Online

Here is some information on the different types of marketing via the Internet with today’s technologies. This will help you understand some of the basics of marketing online, and the strategies to achieve successful traffic to your website. Please refer to our other materials that may guide you in your learning path to successful marketing.

Marketing has always been the difference maker between a successful and unsuccessful business, but in the last two decades, the internet has revolutionized marketing. Now businesses do not need a lot of money for advertisements on television and radio. These days a catchy viral video campaign on YouTube or a tech-savvy Facebook or Twitter page can give a company more exposure to their consumer base than television or radio can ever reach. The internet is world-wide, the internet is cheap and the internet is open to anyone with a good idea and the drive to follow it. This resource will provide you with a simple way to approach marketing on the internet and get your business or product out there for any potential customer to see.

EXPOSURE: Be seen and be noticed

Getting seen on the internet is one thing, but being noticed is another story. Just like any business, having a steady stream of regular customers is the cornerstone of success. The items below are the very basic building blocks for an internet marketing presence and should be the first steps taken toward building an internet identity.

WEBPAGE– A Webpage is the most essential thing a business can have. The Webpage is just as important as appearance is when meeting someone for the first time. This is where the customer gets to read about your company and make their decision on whether or not they want to know more or even purchase a product.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION– This is the method of getting your page towards the top of the search results on a search engine. Search Engine Optimization can be done in many ways, but the key is to identify the most searched words in your criteria and to make sure those show up often on the page. Visibility is the goal, so some market research will help identify what you need to do to work your way up the search engine ladder.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The power of the instant update

The easiest way to get into internet marketing is through social media sites. With the ease of a few mouse clicks and filling out some information, you have the building block for a company or product.

FACEBOOK– Creating a company profile on Facebook is always a good idea. Every time a person “likes” your profile on Facebook, it opens the door for communication. Facebook is totally free, easy to learn and needs relatively little maintenance. Facebook’s demographics are ideal for all businesses since it spans all ages, genders and income levels.

TWITTER– At first glance Twitter may seem superficial and boring. But, when taken as a whole, Twitter is something else entirely. Through “tweets,” which are messages of 150-or-less characters, you build a relationship with the consumer or customer. In a weird way, you make a personal connection by giving them a glimpse into the daily running of your business.

YOUTUBE– It may be surprising, but a clever 1-minute video can garner a lot of attention on the internet. Corporations like Verizon and Microsoft have even produced videos that have almost nothing to do with a product, but just have the logo at the end. People see commercials as intrusive for the most part, especially on the internet, so when making a video it should not be a commercial per se, but more of an image builder and attention grabber.

BLOGGING– The creation of a well-maintained and focused blog can make a real impact on the success of your internet marketing scheme. A blog not only provides a chance to communicate with your audience, but also reaches a specific, targeted audience. It is important to plan the blog appropriately, and always remember: give the audience want they want to read.

ADVERTISEMENT: Getting your kicks from their clicks

Despite the ease of social media networking, the practice of good old advertising is still needed. Effective advertisement is the cornerstone of any business, but in the world of the internet, it does need to be tweaked– at least a little bit.

E-MAIL– This maybe the least effective method for online advertising, this is only because e-mails may end up in the spam folder of the recipient. The smartest way to go about e-mail advertising is to set-up an opt-in method, in which the recipient signs up to receive your e-mail.

BANNER ADS– Banner advertising, which are the ads you typically see on the sides or tops of Webpages, are perhaps the most misunderstood form of advertising. The approach taken with these kinds of advertisements are crucial, since they cost money and success is not measurable sometimes, so planning is paramount. Make sure they ads cannot be ignored and are worth the money.

PRESS RELEASES/ ARTICLES/ TESTIMONIALS– Good P.R. is always a great idea. A regular distribution of positive press releases and news articles give the customer a way to get to know the business and who runs it. These are usually the types of documents a customer will read before anything else. There is nothing wrong with letting the reader know how successful you are and why and press releases, articles and customer testimonials will do just that.

DEALS– This is the newest trend. Through sites like Groupon, Tippr and Living Social, businesses both big and small have gathered tons of new customers through offering 50+% deals on their products and services. The point here is to introduce new customers to your business and give them a taste of what they can get if they continue doing business with you.

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Tips To Attract More Audience On Facebook

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All the social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have pay per click ad platforms. It is one of the most known methods of popularizing your product these days. Every day, more and more advertisers are seen to include PPC in their marketing mix program. The best part about PPC is the incredible targeting abilities it has got. Social PPC allows you to target exact audience. When we search something on Facebook, we do not search any exact thing, we tag pictures, leave comments, etc. Our various activities actually link different pages and reflect our personal interests.
PPC targets audience based on geography, demography and interests. In this way, PPC becomes highly specific to the audience. Power editor is another feature of PPC. It is for larger advertisers who directly hold the control of their advertisements. You can create an audience by yourself on the basis of your product and what interest it must hold. You can target audience on the basis of career and job role. Job title and employers can be directly targeted through this. Third party tools can also be employed for advertisements. You can check the makeup of the fanbase your product has by making use of Facebook insights or page lever, or edge rank checker.

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Things To Avoid While Social Media Marketing

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Social media is indeed considered as one of the most powerful advertisement weapons. It is very effective as a result companies spend millions of money on advertisement through social media. Be it any small or big company, everyone wants to get close to their customers as much as possible. Social networking helps a company do so in the best way. There are certain things you must avoid while going for social media advertising:
• Never enter the field without any strategy. Many companies do the mistake of taking social media marketing lightly. They think it is as easy as creating any Facebook page or account. Though the fact is not so. It requires a lot of effort and filter activities to target the correct audience. Moreover, there are so many social media sites that it is tougher to cover all to reach their audience. Make a proper plan and then go for it.
• Many companies go for paid likes and followers. Usually, the companies struggling on social media for ad campaigns fall into this trap. Their idea is that quantity is better even though the quality is not there. This is a completely wrong technique. This is not going to benefit you in any way. Dummy followship may look good ar the first sight, but later it is of no use.
• Being an entrepreneur, do not spend all your time on social media marketing as there are other things you need to focus. Only advertisement will not help.
• Do not copy contents for advertisement. It will affect your Google SEO

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