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Social media is indeed considered as one of the most powerful advertisement weapons. It is very effective as a result companies spend millions of money on advertisement through social media. Be it any small or big company, everyone wants to get close to their customers as much as possible. Social networking helps a company do so in the best way. There are certain things you must avoid while going for social media advertising:
• Never enter the field without any strategy. Many companies do the mistake of taking social media marketing lightly. They think it is as easy as creating any Facebook page or account. Though the fact is not so. It requires a lot of effort and filter activities to target the correct audience. Moreover, there are so many social media sites that it is tougher to cover all to reach their audience. Make a proper plan and then go for it.
• Many companies go for paid likes and followers. Usually, the companies struggling on social media for ad campaigns fall into this trap. Their idea is that quantity is better even though the quality is not there. This is a completely wrong technique. This is not going to benefit you in any way. Dummy followship may look good ar the first sight, but later it is of no use.
• Being an entrepreneur, do not spend all your time on social media marketing as there are other things you need to focus. Only advertisement will not help.
• Do not copy contents for advertisement. It will affect your Google SEO

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